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Private Practice Discussion
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Private Practice is is the working title for the proposed spin-off of Grey's Anatomy staring Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery. The backdoor pilot for this potential spin-off will air May 3rd in a 2 hour special on ABC, Thursday @ 9pm.


A community for the discussion of all things Private Practice. All posts must be related to Private Practice (the show or the cast). Any post that is inappropriate or unrelated to Private Practice will be deleted (the same is true of comments). The community is currently moderated full time. All posts are approved/rejected as soon as possible.

If you're looking to discuss Grey's Anatomy, please visit greysanatomy

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  1. Personal Attacks/Rude Comments - Personal attacks/rude comments directed at the cast members and/or other community members is not tolerated. Please see this post if you need further information on this.

  2. Spoiler Policy - There is an official discussion post for each new episode. We will not start approving posts related to that new episode for 3 days after it airs. Please note that all posts for up to a week after the original airing must be LJ-cut. All spoilers for future unaired episodes must be under a LJ-cut.

  3. Cast Sightings - Just saw your favorite Practice character in a TV show or movie outside of Private Practice? That's great, but please check this post before you post about it, to make sure that it hasn't been shared with the community before.

  4. Graphics(/Icons) - No graphic/icon posts will be approved here. Please post all your graphics or find them at our sister community pp_graphics.

  5. Images - You may post any unaltered images (photos) or screen caps to this community.

  6. Downloads - We will not approve posts that in anyway provide or encourage illegal uploads of copyrighted downloads. Any such comments will be deleted.

  7. Requests/Community Promotion - All requests should be posted here (and not directly to the community). If you have a related community/website you would like to promote please post here.

  8. Common Questions - You'll find answers to common questions such as where can I find screen caps or quotes, where does the show film, etc located in the FAQ.

  9. Miscellaneous - We do not approve posts with petitions, that are offering items for sale (unless directly related to a charity), posts being used to get answers for your homework (or studies), or in a font/type face other than the standard.


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